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Is there a list of private landlords in UK?

Is there a list of private landlords?This is a common question asked by many in the UK along with…

Why is it so hard to find a private landlord?

Why can’t I deal direct with the landlord?

Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of people who rent from a private landlord whether directly or through a letting agent?

Have you ever wondered WHY it was so hard to find a private landlord? Surely people who invest in property want to rent out the property and get a decent return? So why aren’t they easy to find?

Why isn’t there a private landlord register/list you can just look at?

There no such list as private landlords do not have to be individuals, they can be companies or associations that may have 1-100+ properties and the truth is that many landlords don’t want to be found.

Many property investors put there properties in the hand of property agents and only ‘fund’ the property. They do not want to deal with the property or the people who rent it. They may not have ever even seen the property and just expect a % return on their investment.

Other landlords may purchase the property themselves and may deal with the ‘overhead’ admin of the property (insurance, mortgage etc) but again do not want to deal with the day to day handling of the property and having to keep up with changing letting laws &  legislation and are happy to have an agent manage the property for them in return for a % of the rent being taken as a managing fee.

Then there are the landlords that want to deal with it all. They want to buy/build the property, deal with the admin and the day to day issues that renting the property out to tenants brings. Many of these landlords are part of associations that enable them to keep up to date with all the changes in laws and legislation whilst renting property in the private rented sector as they need to be fully aware of their legal responsibilities for renting out the property.

As a private landlord, it is hard to advertise your property online without paying either an agent a tenant finders fee or being caught into a web of having to purchase one or more services from the advertising company. This is until Private Landlord Directory was launched in 2012. This online property portal allows private landlords to advertise their properties online free of charge without having to purchase additional services.

Looking for a Private Landlord? Private Landlord Directory has just what you needIf a landlord wishes to deal directly with tenants they can advertise (either free or small cost) in the following ways:

  • To let boards on property
  • Advertise in newspaper, shops and supermarkets
  • Advertise through social media
  • Advertise on Private Landlord Directory
  • Contact council and advise them of properties currently available
  • Word of mouth.

As a customer/tenant wanting to find a private landlord you also have a number of options:

  • How to find a private landlordDrive around the local area looking for private to let boards on property
  • Look in local papers including free papers
  • Look at notice boards in shops and supermarkets
  • Ask other people (if you know them) if they know of any local landlords
  • Look online at gumtree and private landlord directory
  • Social media including facebook pages of property to let (in town name) and private landlord directory which allows you to put your requirements on for other fans to see.

The other option for tenants is to rent a property through a letting agent for a period of time and then request the direct contact details of the landlord. You can read an article on this at Getting Landlords Contact Details.



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